Variety in pet supplies:

Welcome your pet warmly to your house by providing them all the facilities. First of all arrange a comfortable house for your pet. As the puppies need a lot of rest. So, you should take care of their rest. There are many kinds of dog houses available in the market. You can select a house for your pet according to the size of your dog and the space  available at your home for your puppy. Also buy a comfortable bed for your pet. The shops who keep pet supplies, have a range of cozy and soft cushions for your pets. These cushions are comfortable and easily washable. So, without a dry, cozy and comfortable bed, your dog cannot take a rest.

Food for the dog:

Secondly, take care of the food for your dog. The dogs are omnivores.  They eat different types of food which is full of nutritions. They need meat and vegetables for them. So, a variety of food is a need for the dogs. If you want to make your dog healthy, then specially take care of their food. If you are unable to make a food chart for your dog, then go to a vet for guidance. He will tell you about the needs of your dog according to its kind. Also, your dog needs a proper exercise. Take your dog to some park for a walk and exercise.

Take care of the health of your pet:

The pet should be healthy also. If you are going to give a proper diet to your pet and the dog is not retaining its health, according to the healthy food, then you must consult a vet. It means that you do not give a balanced diet to your dog. Take an advice from your vet. Moreover, when you go to buy food for your pet from a pet store, do consult with the shopkeeper about it because, he will have more information about the pet supplies and he will guide you in a better way.